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Get Your Zen On

May 25, 2012

Clear your head and relax. Replace annoyance with amusement. Enjoy calm, clarity, humor, and patience.

Zen Happens

July 10, 2013

We have enough notions, preconceptions, worry, stress, and expectations. With practice, we displace that nonsense with something real. We quiet the mind, calmly observe thoughts, reduce static, and let Zen happen.

Robot Stories

May 2, 2014

Ten robot stories for humans. Illustrated by C. R. Warner.

Zen For Brains

October 25, 2015

Seeing the Moment takes practice.

Various Meats & Cheeses

December 7, 2017

Here is all the nonsense, collected for you, my dearest and most cherished Reader. Cover and Illustrations by C. R. Warner.

Books: Work
The Cubicles of Madness
Firewood For Cannibals
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Android Down

April 6, 2010

Eight-foot warrior women from Venus. Chrome androids with terrible secrets. Shambling monsters with halitosis. Two pallets of saltines. Cranium sockets. Spaceships that leak hydraulic fluid. Amazing technologies. Evil corporate executives. Four-armed bartenders. Luxury hotels on asteroids. Telepathy.

Firewood for Cannibals: (and other stories)

April 23, 2010

INGREDIENTS: possessed paintings, devil babies, aluminum foil hats, sexy demons, post-apocalyptic cannibals, reckless sorcerers, noble thieves, head trauma, abandoned suburbs, assassinations, beer-drinking aliens, vengeful lab animals, dead ex-boyfriends, euthanasia squads, frontier justice, time travel, booster suits, space lesbians, metro-sexual Cyclopes, fascist grandmas, surveillance states, air-cars, forbidden magazines, rebellion, Kreene Hounds, urban wizards, suspended animation, magic board games, and firewood.

The Cubicles of Madness

February 17, 2011

This is a story about cubicle dwellers and their evil boss. There are midgets, ghosts, sex, death, murder and infidelity. There is also a water balloon fight.

Books: Work
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